EBEC Challenge Innovative Design

EBEC Challenge Innovative Design is a competition that emphasizes on true creativity. A lot of problems in the world stay unsolved. The sea level is rising, Energy is expensive, a lot of waste is created in a consumption based economy. These problems are hard to solve and will require a lot of creative minds to tackle.

Your team will first do research on the problem that you will tackle. Then you are going to start to design something. As you would in the real world, you are most likely going to use CAD software to aid your design process. 
A challenging thing about real life products is that they need funds to be created. You might theoretically have the best design for an electric car, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the means to set up a factory to create the product. For that we need investors. This is another focal point of the Innovative Design Competition. How is your team going to make your product seem worthwhile for someone to invest? How persuasive are you in your pitch?  

If you want to make the future happen faster, be sure to sign up for this years EBEC Challenge!