Coding Challenge 2022

As an engineer it is always important to have some basic programming knowledge. It’s even more important to have fun and prove that you are better than your fellow students in all kinds of competitions. The BEST Hackathon falls under this and is therefore the ideal event to participate in!

This event is a programming competition in which the participants all have to solve short challenges in Python to score as many points as possible and triumph. There will be challenges for both novice and advanced programmers, who will compete separately for first place. So find yourself 2 or 3 more coding partners and sign up quickly.

The event started at 18h00 and we also be provided free pizza yayyy 😀

‘Team Jonas’, comprised of Jonas Crols, Tijs Bellefroid and Luca Dehennin won the novice section of the event.

‘Little Italy’ won the advanced section of the event.