BEST Soft Skills Track



What is BSST?

A lot of companies expect much of graduates. The hard skills were conceived during the classes they took at university, but what about the soft skills? Those are expected to be known, but are not covered during their studies. For this particular reason, BEST has come with a solution for this problem: the BEST Soft Skills Track! The track will provide five sessions from five different companies who will each explain a certain soft skill and on how they apply it within their company. Each session will thus focus on a different soft skill. After each session there will be a small networking event where you can talk with the company representatives. At the end of our track, you will receive a certificate that you achieved these soft skills.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills represent your personal attributes and are described as more intangible, general and non-technical. While hard skills are more important in the technical aspect of your job, soft skills can ease them for you. Examples of these skills are communication, teamwork and adaptability. These skills can be used in any situation, but will make any situation hard if not used correctly. These skills might mean the difference between you and the other candidate for the same job application, because companies value these skills more and more.