BEST Soft Skills Track 2022


What is BSST?

A lot of companies expect much of graduates. The hard skills were conceived during the classes they took at university, but what about the soft skills? Those are expected to be known, but are not covered during their studies. For this particular reason, BEST has come with a solution for this problem: the BEST Soft Skills Track! The track will provide five sessions from five different companies who will each explain a certain soft skill and on how they apply it within their company. Each session will thus focus on a different soft skill. After each session there will be a small networking event where you can talk with the company representatives. At the end of our track, you will receive a certificate that you achieved these soft skills.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills represent your personal attributes and are described as more intangible, general and non-technical. While hard skills are more important in the technical aspect of your job, soft skills can ease them for you. Examples of these skills are communication, teamwork and adaptability. These skills can be used in any situation, but will make any situation hard if not used correctly. These skills might mean the difference between you and the other candidate for the same job application, because companies value these skills more and more.

How do I sign up?

We aim for master students, but are as happy with bachelors and PhD students. This track is meant for students from various engineering and science faculties such as the Faculty of Engineering Science, Bioscience Engineering, Engineering Technology and Science. This event has a limit of 40 students so don’t hesitate too long! Once the application period starts, you will be able to register via the online form on this website. You will need to answer some motivation questions and upload your CV during the registration, so make sure to have those ready. Once registered, this does not automatically mean that you will be able to follow this track. You can register until the 27th of February at 23:59h. Afterwards you will receive a message saying whether you got accepted in.

Negotiation Skills – Deloitte

Throughout your career you will have to negotiate with people on many occasions, but the outcome might not always be the one you desire. Negotiating is a big part of your career and having the right skills will allow you to get the better end of the deal. To help you learn how to become a better negotiator, our partner Deloitte will offer a workshop on ‘Negotiation Skills’.

Deloitte is a leading audit and consulting practice in Belgium offering value added services in audit, accounting, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. With more than 5,000 employees in Belgium, Deloitte is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and an expert in negotiation skills. Interested in working as an engineer for Deloitte? Check them out! (


Wednesday 2nd of March 19h00

Peak performance – Exellys

Does this sound familiar? You know you can do something, and the minute you want to show someone, you fail. It’s called performance anxiety, and it can really mess with your head. So how do top athletes do it? How do they cope with the immense pressure of competition, while thousands of spectators are watching their every move? 

Exellys’s workshop reveals the parallels

between business performance and sporting performance. What can one learn from the other? Think of aspects such as dealing with pressure, embracing challenges and breaking through adversity. 

Exellys, a tech talent incubator, matches your skills and ambitions with the right career opportunities in the company and sector that you want to work in. Furthermore, you will go through a training program that will help you to grow from a graduate into a young professional and from a young professional into a future-fit digital leader. Find out more about Exellys through the following link. (


Wednesday 9th of March 19h00

Diversity & Inclusion – Johnson & Johnson


Take your thinking to the next level

Being able to leverage diversity and to build an inclusive environment has become more and more important in the workplace as increased diversity of organizations and global virtual collaboration is adding complexity.  An important asset of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) companies is the diversity of thought and the stimulation of an inclusive culture. Having an open mind is necessary to create leadership, innovation & growth.

During this workshop, the team will introduce you to techniques used in J&J to embrace diversity and to take your thinking to the next level.  

You will learn:

  • About J&J and its company culture
  • How to benefit from the diversity of thought and to create an inclusive environment
  • How to produce better ideas with a team in less time and obtain better business outcomes
  • How to create the max out of a meeting where all team members are actively engaged

Already curious about J&J: see this video  (

Looking forward to connecting with you and to jointly create some Time to Think!


“Applying Thinking Environment helps you to open your minds on the new culture of working together. It helps in creating a trusting atmosphere.”

“J&J People experienced Thinking Environment principles as an enabler to bring their thinking and trust to the next level.”


Wednesday 16th of March 19h00

Time Management – Lanark


Time management is a training which is often recommended after you spent a few months at your first job, usually after a conversation with your manager in which you admit that it’s difficult to juggle all the responsibilities coming at you all at once. But why wait until then? Time management is the art of getting to know yourself, to plan things which are expected of you on a regular basis and knowing how to handle distractions.

In this session Lanark will give you some tips and tricks, tools and processes you can use to feel like you’re more in control – also applicable as a student.

Supply chains as sustainable growth engines. With this vision, Lanark not only helps companies to continuously improve their supply chain by bridging operations and IT. We also believe supply chain is a field that gives our employees the chance to constantly grow and try out new things. We’re a team of Digital Supply Chain Engineers, that bring our brains, boots & technology tagline to life in the supply chains of our customers. More information about Lanark can be found on their website. (


Wednesday 23th of March 19h00

 Sweco – Personal Branding

In business the act of selling is more important than the product you are selling. This also holds true if the product is you! A well crafted personal brand will enable you to meet interesting people and unlock disruptive opportunities. By learning how to translate your desired image into your actual body language, attitude and outfit, you will not only increase your credibility, but also improve your chances of success during your job hunt.

Sweco is a European engineering consultancy company, active in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture.  Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy company. Sweco plans and designs buildings and community infrastructure. The company assists with analysis, calculations, studies and the planning, design and construction of what is to be built. More information about Sweco can be found on their website. (

If you are intrestessed in working with them be sure to check out following links for Junior engineer, Stagiaire ingenieur or Student engineer!


Monday 28th of March 19h00