EBEC Challenge

EBEC Challenge Leuven
The sense of innovation, combining creativity with technicality and efficient teamwork. During the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) you can put all of these skills to the test and lead your own team to victory, or at least to an evening full of fun and challenges. EBEC is the biggest engineering competition in Europe, where teams of students use their technical, soft, social and communicative skills to compete in two different categories: Team Design and Case Study.

EBEC Challenge consists of 88 local rounds, 15 regional or national rounds. The winning team of each category receives prizes and can compete in the regional round!

EBEC Rounds


Team Design

The Team Design is where teams will have to use basic materials (wood, springs, magnets, nails,…) and tools (glue gun, saw, drill,…) to build a prototype that satisfies a given problem as best as possible. Points awarded for the ingenuity, durability and performance of your prototype. For example, last years challenge in the EBEC Benelux round was to build a rocket, fired in the air up to 25m. In the rocket an egg was placed that had to survive the impact of the fall. Do you have a creative yet practical mindset that can solve problems like no other? Then the Team Design will put your engineering skills to the test!

For information about this year’s edition: check out the dedicated Team Design page!


Case Study


The Case Study is a more abstract problem that typically applies to real life situations. Your team will have to think of ways to solve a theoretical problem or create a plan on how to apply specific technologies. The only constraint will be your own imagination when looking for the ultimate solution for e.g. drone applications, adaptable buildings or the digital highway. Got a knack for solution oriented thinking? Then participating in the Case Study might just be the perfect challenge for you!

For information about this year’s edition: check out the dedicated Case Study page!