Case Study

What is Case Study?

In this competition, teams of four students gather to provide a solution to a technical or management problem provided by our two case study partners. Mostly this is a genuine realistic problem which needs to be tackled by consultants or corporate clients.

The various teams will be given a limited amount of time to solve and pitch their approach to our EBEC jury. The jury will consist of experts in the subject field, from both academia and industry. The teams will be judged on creativity, teamwork and approach to the issue.



Edition 2019-2020

Join the local round in Leuven on the 31st of October 2019 from 8h00 until 22h00 at the thermotechnical institute and conquer Europe with your engineering skills! Register here for the Case Study of EBEC 2019-2020!

We are proud to present our cooperation with VTK and LBK . Together we have reviewed several cases of different companies to finally choose two interesting topics, presented by Cyclops.