EBEC Leuven


EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is an event where teams of students use their technical, soft, social and communicative skills to compete in two different categories: Team Design and Case Study. These competitions will ask you to show off your engineering skills such as creativity, presentation skills, time management and out-of-the-box thinking. EBEC consists out of 3 rounds: the local, the regional and the final round. The winning team of each round gets a price and can proceed the the next one. Join the local round in Leuven now and conquer Europe with your engineering skills.

EBEC Pyramid

EBEC 2017 is on its way with its final in Brno, Czech Republic. So please stay tuned through the website and for any queries drop us your email id.


EBEC 2017

Case Study

The Goal was to research and propose a strategic plan to tackle the issue of future food production and distribution. This is a ever advancing concern with growing demographics, complex supply chains and climate change. Teams will be judged for the innovative approach, budget plan, business strategy and their ecological impact.

Team Design

This year our Team Design will be in cooperation with the Belgian Railways and is given to the teams in the beginning of the day. This is where it all starts. You and your teammates will have to come up with the best solution possible and implement it with the provided materials. This year the teams were challenged to make a movable bridge construction with certain design goals additionally restricted with a limited material budget. Once your time has run out, the four of you will have to present your work. A jury made out of professors and delegates of the Belgian Railways will judge you. The team with the best solution and implementation wins a nice prize and goes to the next round.

Practical Info and Registration

This year the local round of Leuven took place on the 27th of February in Agora, Learning centre of KU Leuven. The two winning teams will prove themselves at the second round between the 2nd and 4th of April in Ghent. Good luck to them!