BEST Course in Summer 2020 for Locals

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Life has many challenges like getting out of bed, making the right decisions and maybe the biggest of them all: the Energy Transition. Nations keep developing and our hunger for energy reached unprecedented levels. The environmental impact of fossil fuels is huge and the rise of cleaner and renewable energy is needed.

Are you able to realize a sustainable transition at the lowest possible cost without compromising the system’s reliability? Then come to our BEST Course in Summer in our lovely city of Leuven! For only €50, you’ll get 30 hours of lectures and company visits, lunch, transport and an awesome “BEST Course in Summer” t-shirt!

Between the 6th and 15th of July, you’ll first be learning about the Energy Transition. The aim of the course is to give insight into the energy issue in Europe: ensuring an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy provision. Various existing and emerging technologies to facilitate an energy transition are suggested. You’ll get an insight how it’s done in practice through company visits. The seen concepts will be applied for a European country of your choice.

Since it is a basic course, no previous knowledge is required. We will provide you with necessary prematerials so that everyone starts on the same level of knowledge.

I loved that I was able to connect with people all around Europe and learn about their cultures. It was amazing sharing stories and interests with all of them, and the fact that we were all students made the bonding process easier.

Participant Summer Course ’19

A Summer Course is a fantastic way to get to know people from all over Europe. Not only do you get the chance to learn more about their culture, you can also guide them through Leuven and our Belgian culture.

Local Participant Summer Course ’19

Friends! If there’s one thing you can be sure of after 10 days of learning together, exploring together and having fun together, it’s that you’ll have a sweet set of friends all over Europe to visit afterwards!
So what are you waiting for, don’t be shy, just apply!

Who are we?

During your stay, BEST Leuven will take care of you with lots of love. We are a group of enthusiastic people studying in Leuven, and will make sure this course will be an unforgettable experience for all of you!

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This course is made possible thanks to the support of our partners.